Geography and Mapping

Lil’wat Traditional Territory

mountains lil'wat nationThe Lil’wat Traditional Territory is a beautiful land of striking mountains and glaciers, fertile valleys, alpine meadows, and cold clean streams and lakes.

The territory extends south to Rubble Creek, north to just below Anderson Lakes, east to the Upper Stein Valley and west to the coastal inlets of the Pacific Ocean. In total, the traditional lands that the Lil’wat have lived on since time out of mind are approximately 780,000 hectares. The current day community of Mount Currie is the heart of the Lil’wat Nation territory. The Creator has blessed our home.

Since the late 1800’s, however, the Lil’wat have been marginalized and confined to small community reservations. These reservations total approximately 3,000 hectares or only .004% of the lands we once occupied.

Currently over 80% of Lil’wat7ul live on the community reservations, making the community of Mount Currie the fourth largest Indian reserve population in the province of British Columbia.


The Traditional Lil'wat Territory Map 1

The Traditional Lil'wat Territory Map 1

Mt Currie Reservations Map