Message from Chief Lucinda Phillips

Chief Lucinda PhillipsI am honored to be able to share with you a little about the Lil’wat people, our culture, our lands and the current events that involve our Nation.

We are a people known for our love of our culture and our ambition to create a better future for our community. Our rights have been hard won. Our commitment to perpetuating and expanding these rights is reflected in our Vision Statement:

“Lil’wat7ul (Lil’wat citizens) will be governed under our own constitution. Nt’akmen (our Way) will be applied to new challenges and opportunities to maximize the benefit for all the community. We will contribute as individuals and families to a healthy community that ensures our safety and security.”

You will see from this website a glimpse of the many activities we are currently involved in. It is an exciting time for our community. While many real and difficult challenges still exist, we have unparalleled opportunities to create a better future for our children.

We will achieve our vision.

I hope you enjoy your visit to our website.

(Thank you all)