Strategic Planning

In 2004, the Lil’wat Nation took an important step and created a five year strategic plan. The strategic plan was adopted by Chief and Council after extensive community consultation via workshops and general assemblies. At the heart of the strategic plan was the Lil’wat Vision. The Vision drives all the work in the community and gives focus to our energy and passion. Flowing from that Vision are the values of Lil’wat that infuse everything we do. The 2005-2010 guided the Lil'wat Nation toward the completion of many milestones including the Lil'wat Nation Land Use Plan. 

As we moved past 2010 it was important to revisit our plan and after extensive review and further community consultation, the 2010-2015 Strategic Plan was adopted by a new Chief and Council.  Our new plan includes many of our previous goals and reflects the consistent values of the Lil'wat people but has been both expanded and synthesized based on the experience of the last five years. 

Lil’wat values include: K’ul’tsam’ (or the principle of “sustainability” ); Nt’akmen (or the “Lil’wat way of life”); Integrity; Fairness; Respect; Responsibility; Ucwalmicw Tmicw (or the principle of “people and land interconnectedness”); Honesty and Living Well. As the strategic plan graphic illustrates, the Vision and Values of Lil’wat are what will lead the way to achieving meaningful success in our key priority areas. They give us strength and perseverance. Lil’wat is on the move…to 2015 and beyond.

View the Full Lil'wat Nation Strategic Plan 2010 - 2015 in PDF format (600Kb)
View the Lil'wat Nation Strategic Plan 2010-2015 Graphic Summary in PDF format (5Mb)

View the Full Lil’wat Nation Strategic Plan 2005 – 2010 in PDF format (800Kb)
View the Lil'wat Nation Strategic Plan 2005-2010 Graphic Summary in PDF format