A Professional and accountable administration for Lil’wat

lil'wat nationThe Lil’wat administration delivers all public service programs on behalf of the Chief and Council. This includes the operation and management of community housing and infrastructure (water, sewer, roads, community buildings); employment and training; social assistance; education; health; and land and resource management. Lil’wat Business Corporations operate at arms length from the Council and administration.

The administration operates on an annual budget of more than $12 million and employs 130 full time positions. Approximately 90% of our employees are Lil’wat.

The administration meets regularly with community members to share information and to hear about how our programs can better contribute to the Lil’wat vision. We also make available to any Lil’wat citizen our annual independent audit of financial statements. Our goal is to have a professional and accountable administration for Lil’wat.