We are the lil'wat

Today, Lil’wat traditional ways of life continue to be important within our local economy here in the northwest of British Columbia, Canada. Fish, game, plant foods and medicines are still harvested and prepared in the traditional manner are bought and traded with neighbouring First Nations.

Traditional crafts remain important both economically and culturally. The Líl’wat people are famous for our intricate basketry with patterns created from cedar roots, cedar bark, wild cherry bark and various grasses and reeds. Hand drums made from wood and the skins of deer, coyote, and moose created by skilled artisans are highly sought after, as are the detailed cedar carvings of both functional and decorative items.

The Lil’wat Nation continues to assert its right to manage the resources of our land. For clearly, our culture and livelihood depend upon a healthy environment and access to it. Through dedication, perseverance and innovative partnerships we are maintaining our traditional stewardship of the land in contemporary ways

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