Recreation Facilities

lil'wat nationThe new community gymnasium on IR # 10, which is replacing the old gym, will offer a full size basketball court, floor hockey, seating capacity, a kitchen and bathroom facilities.

The Mount Currie community has several playing fields throughout the community. A 4.6 ha field is located on IR # 1 just off of Rancheree St. This field has potable water, a concession stand and portable toilets are used as the washroom facilities. Soccer tournaments and team practices are held here throughout the playing season. The field currently is flooded for much of the spring and summer and requires a large investment to be usable through the whole soccer season.

A baseball diamond is located at IR # 10 across from the gymnasium. This field is being upgraded in Spring 2009.

Playing fields at the school have been built on the south side of the buildings. The upper field is 1.3 hectares with a ball diamond and a lower field measures 1.8 hectares. The fields have been upgraded in the past few years however, fencing around the entire field area is required.

Horse riding is very popular in the community. A few privately owned businesses offer riding classes at their own riding facilities.

The rodeo grounds on IR # 3 provide a venue for the May long weekend rodeo which attracts riders from all over.

Trails for walking, hiking, bike riding and horseback riding are dotted throughout the community although there is no formal trail network established at this time.

The Mount Currie Community has been part of the growing First Nations Snowboard Team and also participates in the Recreational Snowboard program. Approximately 25 community members are involved in this popular program, which is now being offered in First Nation communities throughout BC.