Public Works & Housing

lil'wat nationThe Public Works department is staffed by five employees and is responsible to maintain and operate road services, water and wastewater facilities, septic and solid waste disposal, public buildings, and fire protection services. Staff in this department is responsible for the safety and efficient operation of all community infrastructures, as well as oversees all capital expenditure programs. This department also oversees all housing initiatives on reserve such as lot development, infrastructure expansion, new roads and major repairs to buildings.

The Housing Department manages all CMHC Social Housing Units, the Band Housing rental Units, all multi family units, the four new teacherages and several trailers. The department also manages all Homeowners Insurance for the community. All housing applications go through the housing department, which then takes these to the Housing Board. There are many types of housing programs for the community such as INAC subsidies, Section 95 Housing, Section 10 Housing, INAC funding for new housing, and all CMHC subsidies’ for renovations. Every year, the department processes applications with community members for CMHC housing units, renovations, and loan arrangements for individuals. The Housing Department works with the on reserve land office for land verification/registration, which is needed to complete INAC applications.