Lil’wat Culture Centre

lil'wat nationOpen five days per week, the Cultural Centre is located within the Xit´olacw Schools new wing. Three full time staff and one part time technician offer and develop many cultural programs for the community. Many Elders and cultural resource people are brought in throughout the year to add to the knowledge base of the Centre. Language programming focuses on teaching the Ucwalmicwts language to students in the Immersion School, preparing curriculum for all grades in the School and hosting language classes for the whole community.

A web-based project called "First Voices Initiative" is helping aboriginal communities around the Province preserve and enhances language in many communities. Mount Currie has embraced this program and is working hard with staff and Elders to add more and more information to this program. Cultural Heritage programs are a big part of the Centre and many activities are offered year round to community members. Traditional dancing, drum making, basket weaving and beading are just some of the programs that are currently being conducted. The Cultural Centre also provides support to the Four Host First Nations (FHFN) and Vancouver 2010 Olympic Committee in creating culturally appropriate materials for many of the 2010 projects.