Health & Wellness

lil'wat nationThe Mount Currie Health Centre
201 Black Bear Road
Mount Currie, BC V0N 2K0
Phone:(604) 894-6656

The Mount Currie Health Centre provides a variety of health services to the community based out of the Health Centre on IR # 6.  Contracted professionals from outside the community provide some of the services and several of the programs are facilitated by community members.   A Speech and Language Pathologist and a Physiotherapist are on contract.   Dental services include a contract dentist who rents space at the Health Centre, two dental assistants, a registered hygienist and a dental program is offered at Xit’olacw School, the Day Care Centre and Baby Clinics.  An extensive maternal program runs prenatal classes, baby clinics, “Making the Connection”, “Talk, Learn and Grow Together”, and swimming activities.  A registered nurse is on staff and she works with a Community Health Nurse (CHR).  Elders programs are arranged by an Elder’s Coordinator and include nursing service, a foot care program, and an  “adult in Home Community Care” service. Two full time staff provides alcohol and drug counseling.  A full time “Healthy Lifestyles Coordinator” arranges exercise and swimming programs, foot reflexology and Reiki clinics and also coordinates efforts for a community garden program.

The Wellness Centre has a full time staff of six people that advocates for children and families of the Lil’wat Nation.  Family preservation and reunification offers support for families to improve parenting skills and address other life challenges.  The Wellness Centre liaises with the Ministry of Child and Family Development (MCFD) and the families of the Lil’wat Nation regarding “child protection” concerns.  Family support workers are available for in home service support as well as networking with other departments to assist any family with issues and concerns.  Services are also available for community members with issues around FASD/FASE (fetal alcohol syndrome).

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