$3,000 Personal Credit for Education

Learn how to claim your $3,000 Personal Education Credit or donate it to a family member.

Who is Eligible: Common Experience Payment recipients and/or certain family members. People who received the Common Experience Payment for Residential School settlements should have received an application form.

*Unclaimed money will go to the National Indian Brotherhood Trust Fund (NIBTF) and Inuvialuit Education Fund (IEF).

Next Meeting

Wed, May 21 - 2:00pm
Ullus Banquet Hall


Click here for CBC Story, Residential School Settlement offers $3K Education Credits


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Contact Information

  • Mt. Currie Band Contact: Melanie.Williams@lilwat.ca       604-894-6115 x2443
  • Personal Credits toll free number 1-866-343-1858
  • http://www.residentialschoolsettlement.ca/