FALL 2014 SPONSORSHIP FUNDING: Post-Secondary Education

May 1, 2014 DEADLINE - PAST

***WAITLIST Open -Turn in your application for the Waitlist (the earlier you turn it in, the higher on the waitlist you will be)

Are you interested in upgrading your education at Ts'zil Learning Centre or going out to college/university for Fall 2014? Would you like to be funded to go to school? The Ts'zil Learning Centre can assist you.

To apply for funding for either the part-time Adult Basic Education (ABE) or full-time University/College Entrance Prep upgrading programs at the Ts'zil Learning Centre or a college/university program, please complete and return the sponsorship application OR come by Ts’zil Learning Centre for assistance. In addition, please read the Mt. Currie Band Post-Secondary Funding Policy to learn more about sponsorship and requirements.


Non-MCB Band Students

Non-Mt. Currie Band members are welcome to attend classes at Ts'zil.  Please complete this form - Application for Non-MCB Members. Important: Non-MCB students will be responsible for their own tuition/fees/books. Please contact your band's Education Coordinator to discuss sponsorship.


Fall 2014 Application DEADLINE - May 1, 2014

Full-time and Part-time funding.

*Return the MCB sponsorship application by May 1, 2014. Late applications will be placed on the waitlist. Other required paperwork (transcripts, acceptance letters, etc.) can be turned in later once you obtain them. Funding decisions will be made by mid-July.

To Qualify for Funding for Colleges/Universities:

  • Must be a registered member of the Mount Currie Band
  • The college/university must be an accredited institution. (Public schools will be given priorty.) Click here for a list of public accredited institutions
  • Program must require either Grade 12 Graduation/Completion/Equivalent OR a Grade 12 course (ex. English 12, Math 12 etc.)
  • Program must be at least one academic year in length and lead to a certificate, diploma or degree

**TRADES: For a trades program to be considered under Post-Secondary Funding, the program must meet all the above requirements.

  • For example, the Culinary Arts Certificate Programat Vancouver Island University is an eligible program because 1) it is an academic year in length, 2) it requires Grade 12 and 3) it is at an accredited public institution
  • Otherwise, for more information on trades funding, please contact Bernie Philips at (604) 894-2300 or berniep@fnes.ca

For more information about funding, please contact us at (604) 894-2300 or Toll free 1 (866) 894-2300 or email us at:

Rachel Dan, Receptionist rachel.dan@lilwat.ca

Sharon Leinweber, Advanced Education Manager sharon.leinweber@lilwat.ca

Barb Busalacchi, Education & Technology Specialist barb.busalacchi@lilwat.ca

Lisa Fisher, Learning Facilitator lisa.fisher@lilwat.ca



We look forward to hearing from you!

The Ts'zil Team