Lil’wat Business Corporations

lil'wat nationTo live on this land, we have always had to be self-sufficient and entrepreneurial to survive and flourish. In the last 100 years, however, access to the tools of a successful economy � capital, land, freedom of movement, and fair treatment � have been withheld from us. For the first time in our history this introduced us to reserves, unemployment and poverty while the regional economy boomed and produced economic giants like the ski resort of Whistler. In more recent times, the Lil’wat Nation has positioned itself so as to create space for itself and for individual community members to share in this new economy. One of our principle vehicles to creating this space is the Lil’wat Business Corporations.

Through Lil’wat Business Corporations, Lil’wat is working to bridge on and off reserve interests through profitable partnerships. When entering partnerships we work to ensure all parties respect our integral cultural values such as responsible stewardship of the land. This is consistent with the Lil’wat Nation vision which in part reads:

Nt’akmen (Our way) will be applied to new challenges and opportunities to maximize the benefit to all the community.

This business model has resulted in successful partnerships on independent power projects, forestry and silviculture, general contracting and construction, and, land acquisition and development. We also own our own gas station and corner store.

By undertaking this course of development, we are stimulating employment opportunities for our people and securing the future of the Lil’wat Nation